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Jay Reed with Tele - photo by Ally Chadwick


Open Up NEW POSSIBILITIES in your playing


Short History:

Piano > 1980 | Guitar > 1987 | Gigs > 1992 | Music College > 1995 | Tours > 1997


Oscar Peterson | John Scofield | Lenny Breau | Led Zeppelin | Elvin Jones | Glenn Gould | Barney Kessel | Charlie Hunter | Beastie Boys | Woody Shaw |  John Coltrane | The Beatles | Mel Lewis/Thad Jones | Pat Martino | Keith Jarrett | McCoy Tyner | Bill Frisell | Jim Hall | Jerry Reed | Pat Metheny | Dave Holland | Ed Bickert | Larry Young | Wayne Krantz | Derek Trucks | Kenny Wheeler | Charlie Parker | John Abercrombie | Etc.

Notable Performances/Venues:

Brantford International Jazz Festival | TD Niagara Jazz Festival | The Blacksheep Inn | Willowbank Jazz Festival | In The Soil Arts Festival | The Horseshoe Tavern | FirstOntario Performing Arts Center | Kinser Jazz Festival | The 1905

Played With:

Graham Lear | John Stowell | Kevin Dempsey | Dave Captein | Warren Stirtzinger | Ron Steen | Richard Moore | Jason Logue | Tom Grant | Ed Ringwald | George Kane | Davide Direnzo | Jesse Cobb | Brownman Ali | Dave Watson | Mike Malone | Perry Thoorsell | Brian Griffith | Shamaka Ali | Jackie Richardson | John Sherwood | Mark LaLama | Rodger Niznik | Adrean Farrugia | Ben Markley | Shane Guse | Ron Coulter | Vaughan Misener | Scott Galloway | Mark McIntyre | Steve NegusPaco Luviano | Kit Garoutte

Learned From:

Steve Kostyk | Joey Goldstein | Bob Shields | Rick Peckham | John Stowell | Freddie Bryant


Choose a program that fits your experience level and musical goals:

Fender Telecaster - photo by Ron Shafir
Jay Reed with his trusty Fender Telecaster - photo by Jessica Burris
Music manuscript paper

30 minute weekly lessons

Half hour online lessons aimed at the intermediate player. You know some songs, chords, maybe how to play a blues and solo a bit. If you're feeling stuck we can work together to lift your playing to the next level. Ability to read treble clef is not necessary (although it sure helps!) but understanding 'tab' is a must.

$45.00 CAD

60 minute weekly/
bi-weekly lessons

Aimed at the intermediate to advanced player who wants to broaden their musical scope. You know note names on the fretboard, can play moveable chord shapes and solos over pop/rock/country/etc  tunes. Looking for ways to 'open up' the fretboard and find more freedom on the instrument.

$75.00 CAD

90 minute one-off lesson

For the advanced player who wants to take a 'deep dive' into a particular topic, style or technique. Examples include: 7th chords and extensions, modes of the major, melodic minor, harmonic minor scale, symmetrical scales, jazz repertoire, fingerstyle jazz playing, Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed style Travis picking, and whatever else you want to work on.

$100.00 CAD

"No matter how good you get, there’s more...

Go after it, improve it, play it, and give it away. Never try to be the best. Always try to be the best that you can be. It’s never too late to learn something new (or too soon). You’re never too old to improve an area of your playing (or too young)."

Mick Goodrick

Fender Telecaster - photo by Ron Shafir


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